Click here for our updated response to operations relating to COVID-19.
Store Hours and info - updated

At this time we are unable to ship to the UK and EU Countries due to changes in the tax rules. We will resolve these issues as soon as possible. But for now we have to inform our customers we can process no sales to the UK or EU Countries.

UPDATE July 3rd 2021 Update for all my customers.

Wishing all a Happy and Safe 4th of July weekend 2021.

Happy July 4th weekend  America

The RevoSlot Mercedes CLK are the next release cars are due to land, hopefully this week. They are almost sold out so please don't wait if you want one.

 We are still experiencing a huge volume of orders, thank you for your support.

We are processing as quickly as possible, regular orders are shipping now within 3 days. Due to volume I can not promise special orders being processed in less than 14 working days.

We will do everything possible to ship out quickly.

Special Orders such as the ScaleRacing/BRM Trans Am Cars which are built here may take longer.

We have not started building the new Trans Am releases yet, as still awaiting parts to get the project started.  

The ScaleRacing/BRM Trans Am cars are build in Tacoma WA USA and finished to a higher level than the European production which are built in Europe. 

We are commited to this as we find the America Customers have a higher level of expectation on the finished product.

Also as we are a  50/50 partner in this project we want to deliver cars that truly can be sold as Ready To Run for the American marketplace.

All other product we sell we advise needs to be set up for your Track and Racing interests, we can not create Ready To Run cars on everything we sell.

Although we will build custom cars and tracks to order. 

Please allow time for orders to process, we are also receiving a large volume of phone calls and emails. We can not answer phones, emails and ship. 

I am one person right now, due to margins in this Industry now. I am passionate about this Hobby and my part in it, but please understand we can only process orders if we are left to do so.

I know this is a odd statement, and wish I could hire people but this is not possible, so I ask for your understanding when placing orders.

 When new deliveries from RevoSlot, BRM and Scaleauto arrive we can experience longer delays as we process all the Pre Orders, a good but serious challenge.

We care about our Customers and value every order big or small but please allow me time to get your orders done.

 Thanks to you the Customers we just closed out the biggest year in our history, previous years with this volume I employed 2 people plus myself, so this load is difficult to handle.

In these trying times I appreciate all our orders and all the support of :, and


Happy July 4th 2021, time flies,  to update orders are double for the first 6 Months of this year.

I ask for all to understand we will process all orders as quickly as posssible.

Be safe, stay well and look after your loved ones.

Now back to building and packing!!!


Contact info:

24 Hour phone line: 1-253-255-1807

Store: 1-253-564-1445 our information Site is back online.


Web Site update July 3rd 2021.

First we are open for Curb Side and Will Call order only at the Store. We are shipping orders daily Monday thru Saturday. 


Web Site updated, ordering and log in now fixed. Also ability to request lost password is now resolved.

Please if you are trying to order and still experience a problem let me know.

You can contact me at 1-253-255-1807 or 

Thank you.

We are not opening the Tracks yet, and will review when we can do that safely.

This is a very difficult situation as we have many surfaces you touch to play with cars at our Store.

We will not open till the Summer 2021 for the Retail Store at the very earliest.

Everyone will need to wear masks to enter The ScaleRacing Center.

We will need to limit how many can be in the Store, and on the Tracks.

We will rent Track Time and Controllers only. You will need your own cars.

We sell cars starting from $29.99.

We will have to book time slots to allocate track time.

These will be 1 hour slots. After which we will close to clean the controllers and surfaces.

We will only be renting track time limited hours Saturday and Sunday for now.

Call to book track time, all payments will be either cash deposited in a cash box or Credit Card.

We will set up a log in where you can buy Track Time as soon as we can.

Track time will be $10.00 an hour including controllers.**

**To open we will limit play racers to 6 people.

 This 1 hour session will be $60.00 + tax.

You can also have a maximum of 5 guests to assist with crashed cars.


Call 1-253-255-1807 to book hopefully starting Summer 2021, but this may change. 

Hours will be 12.00 till 6.00 pm Saturday and Sunday for now, and be by appointment only!!

You can also make an appointment to purchase cars if no one on the tracks.


 The web store will remain open and we will continue to ship out orders.

If you are looking for a new release from Scalextric and and do not see them listed yet, please call 1-253-255-1807 or 1-253-564-1445.

We can add them into the system. We have added many items in for pre order, but if you still do not see what you want please email and let me know.

Please read the following as we work during difficult times and be safe and careful!!

Here is a virtual tour of my store!

Shipping schedule for Summer 2021. We will ship out Monday through Saturday.

Most orders will then ship within 3 working days right now due to a huge surge in orders and many new items arriving weekly.

Exceptions are Special orders where extra work is being offered.

Also Scaleracing/BRM Trans Am cars which are built to order.

Thank you to all who are ordering online as this is a big part of  keeping the ScaleRacing Center and alive.

Please stay home if you can and look after your loved ones. Practice social distancing and look out for each other. With care we will all get through this and be stronger for it.

All my love to all of you, please take this seriously and stay well, be safe.
Alan Smith



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